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Structural Engineer & Foundation Engineering in Houston, Texas area

Dedicated to the solution of problems in residential and commercial buildings, a professional engineer registered in Texas and Louisiana, an ICC code certified inspector (plumbing, electrical, mechanical, fuel gas, structural), a structural engineer, and primary state warranty inspector (structural and workmanship & materials) during the TRCC period.

Clients have included homeowners, homebuilders, contractors, insurance adjusters, attorneys, real estate brokers and agents, and state and federal government agencies.  These clients have appreciated the thorough investigation, full documentation, multi-disciplined analysis, and firm conclusions included in reports.




Fax: 281-404-9961

Email: gerard@texashomeengineer.com

A discussion of your problem is welcome and free.

It is possible that the solution may be found during our initial conversation. Otherwise, a discussion of the scope of work and pricing will commence the resolution of your problem.

My mission is to provide affordable advice, reports, and drawings to those concerned or vested in houses and construction.


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Structural Engineering in Houston

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